Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just for kicks...

Recipe for Fun!

15 - friends and family scrapbooking together
2 - tubs full of scrapbooking stickers in the "give away" pile
4 - days together to come up with a project
2 - two sheets of out dated stickers
2 - slightly competitive bestees who love to challenge each other

Combine all the above ingredients, add a little creativity mixed with inspiration and voila ...

Torrey and I decided to have a little fun during our recent scrapbooking retreat.  We each went through the give away sticker pile and came up with two sheets of very out dated stickers - the only difference in them were the colors.  We challenged each other to come up with a card or project using the stickers.  It was a stretch as neither of us have ever used stickers much, let alone old and out dated ones.  But we rose to the occasion - and both came up with cards we were proud to call our own.  You can hardly even tell they were the same stickers - it's amazing what two similar creative minds can come up with when challenged by a little competitiveness.


Kathi said...

Those are fabulous.

I have a binder filled with outdated stickers and die cuts.

We should start a "Use your old sCRAP" challenge blog!!!

Jodi said...

Love that idea - I wonder how many people would actually dig through their old stuff to do it?

Torrey said...

I'd do it! Oh and as for the outcome of our duel. You win, hands down. Feel better now? :P