Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Alcohol ink bonanza!

Design inspiration from Kelly Latevola - see her tutorials at

I have been playing with alcohol inks a bunch lately, creating many backgrounds using Yupo paper and foil with the inks.  I am loving the vibrant colors and abstract papers I can create so easily with them.  But I was coming up almost blank when it came to using them in my card making.  So, I went to YouTube of course and found a wonderful artist named Kelly Latevola.  She had designed some cards that I fell in love with instantly.  Now those of you who know me know that I don't steal designs very often - in fact, almost never... but when I needed a sympathy card and a birthday card this weekend, I couldn't resist creating my own version of her wonderful cards.  I have put a link to Kelly's videos under the photos, so I would encourage you to go check them out... stunning to say the least.

(I don't feel right putting these into challenges since they are not my design...)

Have a great Wednesday!



Aileen said...

Jodi these cards are delightful and I have seen Kelly's cards as well. Stunning yes. Never feel you are stealing ideas, we all make and remake and adjust slightly as we go along, I started playing with alcohol inks on acetate over 7 years ago making cards then and there was only one video around then so it was very new. Now there is so much around, so many ideas jennifer McGuire, Michelle Lupton, and many others doing the backgrounds with alcohol ink and foil and making cards with them.

Your cards are beautiful take credit.

Jodi said...

Thanks Aileen... very sweet comment and I appreciate your wisdom! You're work is lovely and I truly appreciate your talent!